D-Day Commemorative Cartridge Ballpoint Pen

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Designed by Jason Rose, the upper pen blank features images from the D-Day invasion and each blank contains sand collected from Omaha Beach in Normandy. The pen blank was designed to honor those lost during World War II. 

Our special D-Day Normandy pen kit offer includes

  • Real 30 caliber casing and copper billet lower half assembly
  • Gold titanium pen clip with finial top
  • Unturned D-Day Normandy upper pen blank
  • D-Day Normandy Certificate of Authenticity


Congratulations you are now the proud owner of a "D-Day" pen blank. Grains of sand from the beaches of Normandy (Omaha) have been carefully places on the blank during the casting process. The beach is now a constant memorial of those lost, and now you have the ability to carry some history with you.